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Liverpool (a) - Match Thread

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2 minutes ago, theessexfox said:

I’d love to see the XG on this chance, people making out like it was a tap in

Fair point but it's a great chance. The sort of presentable chance you have to take to get anything from Anfield.

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So much trash in this Forum...We underrated L'pool from the offset,then take the Blame and victim stance....

Also go back to your posts,against M.city,Arsenal & Leeds....the Team was also being slated...

We are Not playing worse or better, than we have in the last 8 games....Hoi


Their Squad, goes deeper in Quality than ours,when it comes to injuries,& even if we had our Full fit Team out....

The commentators, like our fans are taking the easy perspective ,of critic & plaudits...

Bad luck with the First Goal,....Great Cross for their 2nd....

Lets see how the 2nd half pans out....& Ffs Dont forget we are playing the Top Quality Champions on their own turf...

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Just now, Muzzy_Larsson said:

Bit harsh imo. Rodgers has shown this season he's able to adapt. Getting beat off a better team, not much more to it than that, at the moment anyway.

Agree with your analysis, needs to be  consistent though. When you’re 2-0 down at half time you need to adapt to the situation and make a sub/change in tactics.

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