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King Power Stadium Set For Spectacular Light Show

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15 minutes ago, Ashley said:

Ground looks pretty cool when it's in darkness. 


Need to do something similar for the Villa game OR keep the ground in darkness for abit longer when they do the dum dum(with the photos) and then the fox at the end? If that makes sense. 



I thought they'd do the fire for this bit too.


Think the light show went on for a bit too long. I know it was in line with the other pre-match stuff (video montages etc) but at one point you wondered when it would end. I liked it though. Definitely cranked up the atmosphere which was soon erased following our performance lol 

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I didn't like the idea when first mentioned but it actually wasn't that bad. I don't think "light shows" really have place at a football match but the ground looked cool in the dark (especially with the Fox face on the screen) and it seemed to help the atmosphere before the players came out.

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Just seemed to be normal lights going on and off with a right of racket in the background. Didn't feel like much of a light show. Thought there might be lasers or one of those things where pictures are put onto the stadium itself and changed (I know what I mean even if you don't)

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5 hours ago, ozleicester said:

Stood in me lounge and flicked the lights on and off while playing "driving home for christmas" on my mobile.


4am...the wonderful mrs oz was not  impressed nor best pleased

Well no, you were playing Chris Rea so she wouldn't be.

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