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ZORYA pre match thread

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15 minutes ago, Webbo said:

All the people claiming to be not bothered, I bet you still watch.

I actually won’t haha, I’m really struggling to get up for football at the moment. I don’t know why, it’s probably because I’m not going.....

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4 minutes ago, Kasey Keller said:

What a clusterfvck Slimani not even registered....🤦🏻‍♂️ We shant be in Europa long guys....

Rodgers didn't want or expect him to be here. He's not playing him out of love, he's playing him because there's no point having him doing nothing.

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Some players need wrapping up, but not much we can do. Would have played Gray in this... 

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Know nothing about their ability but if they have watched our last two matches they will be full of confidence they can win. If we are to progress this is a must win game for me. Whether there is much point in progressing is another matter.

Who knows who will be fit to play but with Vardy out really can't see us scoring.

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Need to rest all the internationals in this match. Would like to think we should still have enough to win. I think the team should be:



Justin Morgan Fofana Thomas

          Mendy Choudary

Albrighton Maddison Gray


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