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LCFC 1-3 Arsenal - Post Match Thread

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We started well, scored early and then instead of killing off the game, sat back deep and invited Arsenal onto us. How many times have we attempted the defensive game and failed?


I get the heavy fixture list but we are getting injured because we are literally having to run ourselves into the ground for 90 minutes playing catch up every bloody match! Can Brendan not see how counter-productive and knackering his defensive game is?


We look lethargic and completely uninterested. Nacho needs binning as he offers absolutely NOTHING to this team.  If we are not careful, we will blow it again just like last season. The only person accountable for that is BR.


Massive investment in the summer needed upfront.  Having to rush the likes of Vardy back when he clearly isn't fit is an absolute waste of time.

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The second half of the season downfall probably starts now.


From a game perspective today, awful approach from Rodgers and shitty individual errors from the players.


Injuries also continue to wreck us.


Just a very depressing situation.

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That was ****ing grim. Not much else to say really. 


All eyes on Barnes injury now, if he's out for a while we're ****ed for this season.

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Genuinely had to turn that off when we conceded the third just after Barnes got injured, felt like watching someone you love get injured!lol


The set pieces need sorting, but it won't get done until summer, we simply aren't good enough from them and it's costing us goals every other game, when you're conceding around a third (I think?) of your goals from set pieces, it's a major issue.


Injuries and fatigue have finally caught up with us, would happily accept top 6 and I said that a couple of weeks ago tbf, but even more so now. I'm not gonna be too hard on the players or the manager, they've worked miracles this season and I remember a poll at the start of the season with the majority of us expecting to finish around 8th-12th (if I remember correctly).


Need to just plough on to the end of the season and go again in the summer, keep this squad of players together but add 3 or 4 quality additions and we should be good to go.

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