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21 hours ago, Gordon the Great said:

Sadly it`s flavour of the month, that`s not to knock anyone who is having problems, I have dealt with some myself but some people need to get things in prospective, somehow, somewhere we have lost the art of "Grit your teeth and get on with it"..........and before I receive spade loads of abuse about stiff upper lips etc, I reiterate I really do Know to what I am referring. Sometimes you have to look the world in the face and say............No, I`m not having that, ...... and deal with it.


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If it's true and they offered him a new contract then it must have only been on his existing salary/bonuses etc. Id have thought that he would've been told also that hes only going to be an impact sub.


From all of the noise coming out of his camp it seems like he is aiming way above his talent and paygrade. Reading into his Twitter ramblings and so on then I wouldn't be surprised if hes back at Birmingham next year. One things for sure though, I've never liked his attitude.

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7 minutes ago, FLAN said:

Have we missed him not playing?  No


so time to move on 

In all seriousness, with how we've played and the formations used we haven't missed his presence. The games we've lost, Gray's impact wouldn't have made the difference from how I remember the defeats. 

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I was hoping he'd go tottenham, would be interesting to see how he did there.


Is there the slightest chance the "turned down a new contract" is bullshit to fool someone into paying a fee rather than waiting til summer to snap up an "unwanted" player on a free?

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