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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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22 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Brighton need a goalscorer, badly. If I was them I'd just chuck 20-30m at someone this summer, Ivan Toney, Iheanacho, Abraham or Ings, all possible options from England alone.

I get what you're saying but a) there's not a chance any of those (apart from Toney perhaps) move to Brighton and b) even if they did bid that much, it'd be far too low a bid for those players.

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2 minutes ago, Sharpe's Fox said:

Chequebook Burnley.

All Everton have going for them is a good history good fan base, but Jesus they have been so dull for years now, I don’t get how they can keep spending all that money they do, and fail 

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It somehow seems quite on brand for Alan Smith to be on co-comms for this soporific mess.


And also for Mr AND IT'S LIVE to have done his catchphrase at the start.





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Wasn't Everton tipped to finish top four? I'm sure I even heard some ex-Liverpool pundit say Everton were the team they were most afraid of beating them to the title this year lol. Brighton had a half decent striker they'd we winning this, easy. All that money Everton has spent, supposedly world class manager, bit average aren't they.

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5 minutes ago, whoareyaaa said:

Brighton should be winning that Bissouma looks a decent player

He’d be perfect for us with his physicality and technical blend, exactly what we’re missing in the middle of the park. 

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