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Well that was very satisfying!


Fernandes should be banned for that dive - ridiculous, and I'm sure he's got away with some like that before.


Lindelof losing his shit was quite amusing. United looked...ordinary.

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5 minutes ago, Facecloth said:

People knock their strikers for lack of goals, but Benteke for instance has shown in the past hes a good goalscorer, Zaha just doesn't play the balls like Schlupp did today enough. And its not just his greediness at the end of the pitch, I've seen him numerous times piss about and lose it near his own goal.


Hes quick, flashy and skillful but in reality he has little end product. Look at his goal and assist return over the years, even in a bottom half team, as the main talisman, the numbers are shite.

Yes, Benteke is a top-level striker being held back by Zaha. 


His end product has historically been hit and miss, yeah, though I'd argue his numbers aren't all that bad considering he's playing in a very negative team largely devoid of creativity. I'm not even really a fan of his, and I can't say I'm particularly desperate to see him play for us given what he'd cost, but you said he was a terrible player which is quite obviously not the case. 

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Just now, Paddy. said:

Got to disagree with you there mate. How many pundits casually reveal, live on air, that a player was dropped by the former manager because he was banging his daughter? There should be more of this kind of punditry imho.

There should be, but it looks like Sky threw him under the bus with their apology and disclaimer that Zaha never met Moyes's daughter.

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