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2020/21 Under 23's, U19's, Development ... thread

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Great finish from Gray. Assist from Leshabella. 


I don't watch a lot of the u23s but everytime I see Leshabella he looks decent. It must've been preseason 2 years ago when he featured and impressed, it was under Puel.


I'm a little surprised he's not gone on loan.  Or should I be?! 

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1 minute ago, Angus Scott said:

Time for Brendan to eat some humble pie & get Gray back in the match day squad. He has as much & more to offer than Barnes, Under or Albrighton

He really doesn't. He's had more than enough chances. Scores two against west hams kids and now he is better than them 3.

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Thank you all for your sarcastic replies, I would expect nothing less. What I am saying is that he is no worse than the 3 people I mentioned.


Albrighton's best days are long gone, he's done us good service but has very limited ability.


Barnes has plenty of ability but goes missing for long periods in a game & although he has been in the team for 2 years still seems as if he is overawed by it all. His finishing is woeful. A very frustrating player.


Not seen enough of Under to really form an opinion yet, but it must be significant that he is only playing a bit part of the subs bench & not starting (remind you of anybody)


Ok it was only the Under 23's tonight but I doubt any of those 3 would have scored those 2 goals Gray did ( perhaps Under, see above)

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Barnes and Gray have always shone against U23s/cup/championship opposition. Against PL opposition, Gray is very slowly improving but at the pace of a crippled snail, while Barnes goes through patches of good and bad form. Gray has better finishing and Barnes has better decision making,

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