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Grandma, Gran, Nan, Nanny, Nana?

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2 hours ago, TiffToff88 said:

My Dads mum was grandma, Mums mum is my Nan.


My wife is from Sheffield and wants any kids we have to call her mum "Nannan" WTF is that all about?? lol

I used Nanan when I was little! And I'm well Lestoh. Weird.


Usually use Nan nowadays though.

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23 minutes ago, Fox1970 said:

My young granddaughter calls me "Sir" and that's the way it should be, when I give her gracious permission to speak, of course.

Giving her permission to speak!!!!     What is this world Coming to,Standards obviously on a downward spiral..ffs!!

Daughters & granddaughters allowed to speak....What ever next..


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