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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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3 minutes ago, trabuch said:

This is a bonkers game. But really quite enjoyable.

Not if you're watching it with a Fulham fan.  But then no Fulham games have been that enjoyable in our house... hopefully that's the case next week too.

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Just now, AllGoneTitsSchlupp said:

RLC looks a player 

Not sure why he isn't utilised at Chelsea. I'd suggest his chance there is gone though. That year long injury prior to the Europa league final in a pointless plastic pitch friendly in America really screwed him.

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7 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

Everton have done their best to absolutely shit the bed but Fulham aren't good enough to capitalise.


We should be slaughtering these next week.

Should be! Something tells me it won't be so straightforward!


6 minutes ago, EastAnglianFox said:

Loftus Cheek to start against us next week then? Marvelous!

He destroyed us whilst with Palace a couple years back.

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4 minutes ago, UniFox21 said:

That is actually a brilliant little piece of analysis there. We all think he's slipped and Murphy/Cahill give a brilliant insight into the poor decisions made by the player that cause it. 

I thought it was obvious, the angle of his run up was awful. Rarely do you see a player score a penalty with that approach. I was expecting him to sky it, although I didn't think he'd slip in the process. For once I agreed with Murphy, I have no idea why player's don't just put their boot through the ball when taking a penalty. You wouldn't see a striker trying to be a fancy dan if the ball came to him in that position from open play so I really don't understand what changes a person's mind set when it's a dead ball. 

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38 minutes ago, Harry96 said:

Rice is bossing this 

I always see people say he’s overrated but nowhere near for me. He’s tidying everything up. Really impressed me when they beat us earlier in the season.

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