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Crystal Palace 1-1 LCFC - Post Match Thread

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I understand he wants to rest players but go out kill the game off quickly then take them off? 🤷‍♀️ They have a longer rest now until the next game. Momentum is important. Choudhary and Kelechi should not be starting any premier league games!

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Because the shape of the game worked in our favour in first half. Palace changed their shape and approach and it contained us, restricted us so we didn't have as much freedom on the ball. Compare their pressure in first half and second half and you'd see why. 


Now there could be a fair argument that our players and Rodgers would need to react accordingly but it's easier said than done. Some players need to step up hugely, both senior regulars and those who don't play as often. I agree we need to take our chances. For months, maybe longer, I've said that when Kelechi plays - as sub or starter - he needs to take his chance. He didn't and he had a couple of good opportunities, the best being the penalty obviously. 



This exactly. Palace changed their style very slightly second half. Came forward a bit more. In those situations you need players to just be a bit cute not wholesale, three sub changes. You want your out of form centre forward to just hold the ball up. Get some passes together. Instead, ball bounces off him or, even worse, he doesn’t challenge for it. 

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Just now, Hoopla10 said:

The better players who played two days ago? Like I asked in the match thread, what if they don't "get the job done"?  0-0 at 65 minutes would you be fine BR taking off vardy etc? 

Well if our good players couldn't beat that Palace side we saw in the first half they'd quite rightly get dragged off. They were terrible

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1 minute ago, Blanchflower78 said:

Still, great news now that all those dropped get 6 days to save their legs from falling off? Do we honestly think the United line up would have fallen to their knees after 20 mins in tiredness?



So what would you have said if we had gone full strength and lost Ndidi and Castange to injury again. 


It not about being tired, it about avoiding picking up injuries due to muscle fatigue. 

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Fair result apparently 🤣🤣 should have been over first half if we had our shooting boots on, definitely missed out on 3 points there! Ihneacho,perez, not up to it, gray... no words needed... vardy didn't have alot of service when he came on, barnes was deffo our best player! 👏👏 very disappointed not to win but better not to lose the game! Its an up and down season for everyone, On to the next!! Come on you foxes!! 🦊🦊🦊

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1 minute ago, NaijaFox said:

But he wasn't.

Started off well and then went AWOL, but all would've been forgiven if he'd buried that last-gasp chance. 

Yeah, I just edited. He was good first half. Second half most of them were poor but I think Perez/Barnes were our best attackers. Perez holds the ball well.

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5 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

Amartey and the whole defence went completely missing for their goal

Why couldn't you just have said "the whole defence"? lol. It really is no surprise that you and your continual insufferable illusory superiority is the source of so much amusement on this forum. To your credit you do at least take it well. 


7 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

Continue to play this defence at your peril 

Fofana and Castagne were being rested, Söyüncü was on the bench and Ricardo is still not ready. What on earth are you talking about?

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1 minute ago, Col city fan said:

It was going to come. I’m sure I mentioned our positioning (and certainly Amartey’s) after the missed Zaha chance 

If you want to continue with that defence be my guest

But we’ll lose more than we win 

We’ve just thrown away a game we should have bossed

He produced more good defending than bad.


But if you want to continue weirdly hating on him and blaming everything on him, be my guest.

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10 minutes ago, Nod.E said:

The only tinker that let us down was Kelechi in for Vardy. We've known for a while that we struggle without Jamie.


You simply have to rotate in circumstances like these.


If Kelechi so much as turned up it would have been 2-0 at half time and we'd have been home and dry.


That first half performance was very, very good. Don't let emotion get in the way of recognising that.


In other news that was an awful cameo from Tielemans. Came on, just about misplaced every pass and left his man for their goal.

Why not just put Perez upfront on his own and use someone else on the right? 

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