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Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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Just now, st albans fox said:

Can’t understand why people are saying he bottled it - he gave it in the first place - the VAR bottled it by convincing him to over turn it 

Because he went over to the monitor and saw it was a penalty a good three or four times before he decided he didn't dare go against United's VAR official.

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2 minutes ago, Arkie Bennett said:

I wonder how Man U would react if someone did it against them (in the unlikely event that a ref awarded a penalty to their opponents).


The unlikely event that's happened 4 times this season (which makes them joint second for penalties conceded) 

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9 minutes ago, peach0000 said:

He was miles of his line, It wasn't even close. He closed the angle down and made it harder for the rat to score. 


What was worse for me was that the keeper didn't learn from his mistake and was off the line for the second as well. He needs some practice. 

He was a yard at most, I don’t see how this rule needed to be brought in, odds was already heavily on the penalty takers side before it

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