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We need to talk about Jonny Evans

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Just now, rachhere said:

Definitely injured. Hopefully Cags isn’t too far off. 

He wasn't injured back in January when this started. I think it got over looked last season because the whole team dropped off, but he's not managed to get out of the rut like some others have.

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Playing like he’s carrying a knock and you can tell. When that happens it affects concentration and composure because a lot of energy and focus has to go into injury management.


Needs a rest and maybe even an op. 

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His own goal was an unforced error. For someone like him to do that was either laziness or tiredness or both. Very odd!

played a few hospital passes today too.

needs a long hard chat with himself and the coaches in whether he’s up for this season cuz so far it’s been poor.

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36 minutes ago, BigGibbo said:

Unfortunately I think Soyuncu and Fofana together would be a bit too cavalier and would both get exposed without a serious calm pro beside them. Not that Evan's has been that today.



i really think we’ll see the back 3 more often with Evans in the middle.

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Not writing Evans off at all but he was dreadful today. No doubt he’ll go on to have many more great games in an LCFC shirt but we’ve got to put faith in a Soy/Fofana partnership.

Got laughed at for mentioning having Ndidi in a back 3 in the current system but to be honest his mobility and leap would have helped foil Liverpool at times today (probs wouldn’t have changed the result, mind)

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Evans is a beast, honestly don't understand criticism of him, if it wasn't for Kasper he'd be captain for me. He scored an own goal but was defense was under massive pressure tonight with 90 minutes of wave after waves of attacks, and to say he's been poor for a whole, we were top of the league till this week but still are in Europe 

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1 hour ago, Facecloth said:

Now this isn't a reaction to the OG, I've been saying this for a while, but it just get brushed under the carpet. He's been extremely poor for months, like pre first lockdown. 


At first I clocked his poor distribution, which was putting us under pressure each game. Not just a few wayward passes to knowhere, but playing the ball straight the opposition midfielders. A cleanly struck ball, but just to the wrong player. Overtime he's then been making more and more defensive errors, getting caught for pace, being out of position, losing his man. He's been a liability for Northern Ireland recently too. I know he's carried a knock recently, but its been going on way before that.


People love to talk about him as Rolls Royce defender, but he's more like a clapped out Reliant Robin of late. Massive improvement needed or imo that contract that's running down can run down.

Shhhh, don’t tell the likes of @Deeg67 lol

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