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4 hours ago, Babylon said:

Most of our bench would get into teams we were struggling against. It wasn’t just a slight drop off, we went off a cliff and that’s not just down to quality. We’ve enough quality around for a comfortable midtable finish at a minimum, it’s proven. So there has to be more to it than that as to why we couldn’t turn the form around.


Whether that’s the manager, inexperience, potential transfers on peoples minds.

It’s likely to be a combination of factors. I don’t think you can just say it was x or y.


Maybe they realised they weren't quite as good as they believed they were before the Liverpool/ Man City capitulation. When someone like BR comes in, new and fresh, and tells you how good a player you are, there is a danger of too much buy in.


It's clearly multi-factoral, I guess we will learn more about it over time.

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18 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

"Rent free" doesn't even begin to cover it lol


Claude absolutely terrorises people on here, absolute scenes lol

Yes, at this point I don't think I even care that much whether we get Fofana.  I'm just enjoying the fact that Claude so thoroughly owns so much of our fanbase.  The obsessive hatred for him is hilariously pathetic.

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41 minutes ago, Foxy_Bear said:

If there is truth in this then it tells me that we've reached/reaching our limit with the whole Fofana situation and starting to make moves for other targets. 

Was it the bit that quite literally says the Fofana deal has been difficult to complete that gave you this impression :ph34r:

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14 minutes ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

He was an above average coach for us that signed some good players, some poor ones. People go on like he was worse than Peter Taylor lol


But he was in charge for some of the most boring football I’ve ever seen. Unendurably so.

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I hate player power shite but this isn’t going to do the lad any good he’ll always be thinking what if. If it’s decent money let him leave and progress his career. Puel got a terrible way of managing players like when he used to put vardy on the bench 😂

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