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Dog Bob.


Commentators of the world: Will you now, finally  stop mentioning Kasper Schmeichel's fantastic distribution?


At one nil up we were mullering them, and needed a second goal and they would have folded.


Instead we crammed the team with midfielders and tried to see it out.


Cant believe I didn't lump on Solanke bagging.


I really really hope we never have to play against Bournemouth ever again.





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Just now, StanSP said:

If Rodgers doesn't take full responsibility for this defeat I'll be livid. Those subs at half time were criminal. Especially after how that first half went. Disgusting from him. 


He deserves his share of the blame and I hate finger pointing but Kasper completely threw us under the bus taking a ****ing goal kick with his cock out. 

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Rodgers can **** off with that substitution. And as for Schmeichel. We've forgiven his kicking out before but it's a liability. Caglar no excuse. Blew the season in 45 minutes though its been shot since before Christmas sadly. 

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Where do we even start with that one?


We've thrown away Champions League without a shadow of a doubt now. Doubt we'll even get another point all season.


The worrying thing for me is this carrying on into next season.


Rodgers has shown that he cannot turn it around. We have a losing mentality.


Has to be one of our worst ever games since returning to the Premier League.


We should have been 2 or 3 up at half time against a bunch of no hopers, instead, we've absolutely capitulated in astonishing fashion. 


So disappointing.

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