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Potty mouth Kasper - The entertainer

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3 minutes ago, Izzy said:

Listening to Kasper Effing and jeffing all game was a joy to behold tonight. Non stop shouting, encouraging and moaning at the ref.


I know he has his faults but for me he's worth his weight in gold to us as a leader of men. He'll leave a huge void and big gloves to fill when he eventually leaves .


Long live our Viking warrior.

Kept us in the game before half time.


We've been lucky to have some great keepers through the years, for me, he's right up there.


Of course he has faults, what keeper doesn't? 

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It is quite funny but I'd rather our captain set a better example than just screaming abuse at the ref to be honest. I'd also rather he left his line to control the box and claim crosses occasionally but I suppose we can't always get what we want

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Hope someone mentions his reactions mentioned above to him in-person.

Hardly captain material, with how he came across at times, and should show more respect to the referee around the youngsters in his side.

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Why no crowd noise?  I hated it at first, but football with no crowd noise is eerie.


Kasper has a future as a coach.


He'll be our manager when we win the league in 2032 at the "King Power Big Blue Blister" (capacity 48k), in front of the large replica of Mount Rushmore with 4 Shinjis.





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