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Uncle Monty

Maguire gone (official).

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8 minutes ago, lgfualol said:

6 years with the option for 1 more. Not bad for Maguire.


Great fee for us. Good luck Slabbers.

So the same length as another person beginning with M... And that went well for them. Hmmm..... 




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A loss, but not a great loss and gone for well over the odds at £80 million.


We could do with a replacement but its hard to judge how urgent that is, and could really depend on if Benko stays fit.


Great business from Whelan & Rudders, good luck Harry lad done your job here and we got a steal off you, win-win for us and Man U pay over the odds again, happy days!

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No bitterness from me - they're a massive club despite the fact that they're currently shit. £


85m for someone who has arguably been our 4th best centre-back in the last 5 years is unbelievable business. 


And for Susan Whelan to negotiate such a great deal with Woodward just proves we're underpaying her when you compare her salary with Woodward's.


Well done Susan, RudKING and Khun Top.


Vichai would be so ****ing proud.

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All the best Harry, a rare talent on the ball for such a big lad in the position he plays and that's why we loved him and what he brought us. However there are enough weaknesses there and the transfer fee involved for us to be more than content with the outcome given he wanted to go anyway.


Hope he's still class for England but quite frankly I hope we finish above Man Utd this season and rub it in, but that's just football fans for you.


Now prove the doubters wrong Caglar.

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Big fan of Harry and no hard feelings on my part, he's done well for us and earned a mega contract at a big club.


Can't help but feel their fans will be turning on him come Christmas. I think the fee is probably going to be discussed a lot when the watching world see he's not worth £80-85 million. Hope it all works out for him though, seems a genuinely nice bloke and has gone about his business professionally.

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I think we'll miss the quality he possesses with the ball at his feet, the way he brings it out of defence and can create space by taking a couple of players on! But at the same time he does have his weaknesses defensively.

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Our last game of the season is at home to Manchester United.


Imagine the scenes when, in the last minute, Vardy is through on goal, Maguire brings him down in the box, we get awarded a penalty, Vardy scores the winning goal from the spot, the final whistle goes, Leicester finish 1 point above Man U in 6th place, taking the final Europa League spot. Harry rips off his Man U shirt, revealing a Lee Jobber style Leicester City Tattoo covering his chest as he celebrates with the rest of the Leicester City squad...



...Actually, its far more likely that he'll end up scoring the winning goal for United in the last minute, ending our European chances :rolleyes:

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Was alright. 


Wasn't really fit last season, had an OK world cup 


Massively over inflated price, well done to the board for getting that for him.


We mad manure look like proper mugs in the process. 


Good luck Harry, you will need it. 


Get used to tourist fans shouting Glazers out, Glazers out!


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