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Leicester 0-2 Arsenal Post Match

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Not really bothered, and I don’t think the club are either. The side reflected such. Minutes for Maddison, Thomas looked alright again. I think the team talk probably would have been enjoy it lads, it isn’t a priority, I’d we win we win if not just don’t get thrashed, and play for your place in the team.


We know some of those players are plain shit, and others too old. I’m quite happy to sack this one off, it’s not what we need this season. 

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These were the players that are supposed to help us out when we play the extra 6 europa group stage games. And it should give us no confidence looking forward to that. So i wouldn't call this game a distraction as much I would say it's a preview of what's to come.                                                

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Just now, EnderbyFox said:

Iheanacho's hold up play terrible. 

Amartey's defending terrible

Demarai Gray... terrible at most things

Feel for those of you that spent a tenner on that lol

It was free to stream doubt anyone paid. 

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Not that bothered but yet again that performance shows that our depth is weak.


Big Wes and Fuchs are unfortunately pretty much finished, Gray and Iheanacho both need upgrading on this season or next.

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In a minority but another missed opportunity. 


Probably my age but I love our history in this competiton, ahh well at least we can go to Man City and put out a full strength team and only get dicked by 4

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