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Newcastle Home pre match thread

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Arsenal play a youth team to keep the first team fit for Villareal, Newcastle beat Arsenal at home on Sunday, Newcastle turn up to the KP 12 points clear of Fulham and our happy with a narrow defeat knowing they are pretty much safe, has to happen surely?

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Win the is and it’s 10 points from 4 games since losing to West Ham and all is happy again! 
66 points will be hard for any of the chasing pack to catch.
We did look a bit leggy today, so hopefully a full week off to recharge should help. 
If everyone plays well, we should win and be ready for a European tour!

Get behind the lads

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It must be said - if we're as passive as we were tonight, we could easily drop points. Newcastle are the kings of the scabby result. They've been woeful against us every time under Bruce but they do have a couple of players who can hurt you.

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Anyone picking Perez over Maddison need their heads examining. Yes Maddison has been poor since his injury, but at any moment he could burst in to life. And even a poor Maddison is better than Perez. Maddison is quality, Perez is not. 

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1 hour ago, Jattdogg said:

After today, i cant even guess how we will finish this game or the season.


I put  my faith in god and hope for the best.


Come on Leicester!

You can put as much Faith in me has you like...

But you all thought you were better without me...I gave you Brendan Now Sort this lot out by yourselves, and this Time try not

to go on a Denial & crucifying campaign...


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