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Arsenal v Leicester pre match thread 07/07/2020

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We're back and we're gonna win big.


Keep Iheanacho, Perez and Vardy as a front 3.


Play Bennett, Evans & Soyuncu in a back 3.


Attack, Attack, attack.

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1 minute ago, Sol thewall Bamba said:

I know they're playing Wolves now but hopefully by the time we play them they'll have nothing to play for and the fairies that play for them won't be interested. Same with Sheff Utd and Spurs. 

Last time we won there was 1973 I think  we lost twice when winning  the league  so anything would be a miracle

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Attack them, keeping two upfront, but I'd go with wingbacks.



Justin -- Bennett -- Evans -- Soyunchu -- Albrighton/Chilwell (depends on injury)

Youri -- Ndidi -- Praet

Vardy -- Kelechi

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My hope with this fixture has been completely destroyed in the last few years. Aubameyang apart they really are average but it just doesn't matter. No matter the circumstances or performance level we simply cannot get a win away at Arsenal. 2 1 defeat with a dodgy VAR winner for them. They've beaten us every other bloody way over the last 47 years!

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I'd keep 3-5-2 as well. 


Worked well today and our alternative more regular tactic is clearly too easy to play against.


I didn't know how it would be with Albrighton today at LWB but he handled it well.

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10 minutes ago, sdb said:

They looked good there, but this is our best chance to get a win at the Emirates. And we need one!

They looked beatable, and didn’t exactly create a lot of chances. Without a crowd, home advantage is negligible and they play the sort of expansive wide-open football that we could profit from. 

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4 minutes ago, Vacamion said:


Look. We clinched the vital 2nd goal when a Palace defender made a woeful error of judgement and gifted us a goal on a plate.


We can't expect that kind of opportunity again. 


Arsenal wont make any defensive howlers.






Depends if Davis Luiz is selected. I think the Arsenal central defenders are all prone to howlers.

picture wasn't there when I posted - sorry

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