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Burnley (A) - Pre-Match Thread - 03/02/2021

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I'd genuinely change it up somewhat just to give some players a break. 


Some might be enforced - Evans and Barnes probably be put. 


Amartey and Soyuncu at the back. Castagne and Thomas full backs. 


Might not please some but save Youri and Vardy for Saturday - give them a rest. Not to go all @Ric Flair but stick Tavares in. Nothing to lose including him unless he gets injured. Iheanacho up top.


Ricardo and Under as some width. 


Running out of players though lol



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Just now, Leicester_Loyal said:

It's too early to think about the next game, give me a few hours at least please Stan:cry:

I wanted to get today's shit show out the way mate lol


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We'll probably have 5 more injuries by the time this game rolls around. Vardy, Tielemans, Ndidi, Ricardon and Castagne all look likely candidates for more injuries.


No Evans means Amartey and Soy against Burnley's dirty big blokes which would be horrific.

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A drubbing here coming i feel.  They will be physical, stick the boot in and our players just simply won't fancy it at all. 


Vardy to run around doing nothing but feel his groin all game and everyone else pulling out of 50 50s for fear of injury.


2-0 to Burnley, we won't have a shot in anger all game. 

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I know I'll feel different come Wednesday but at the moment I really feel like I can't be bothered watching us again. Could do with a break from seeing us every few days. I feel like I need a weekend away with the lads away from the missus lol


Vardy, Ndidi and Tielemans shouldn't play. Don't care if we lose, they need the week off. 

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I think with the options we have were going to have to start going 3 at the back. Can’t rely on the Turkish Demarai Gray to replace Barnes. 



















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It’s basically triage at the moment.  I’d sit Vardy next time out, put Ihenacho up top with Tavares in the 10, Under and Albrighton on the wings.  Then Tavares in Youri’s role to get him a blow next weekend, with Vardy back and Kelechi in the 10 if Maddison and Perez are still out.  It’s ugly, but all the options are ugly at this point and Vardy and Tielemans are absolutely spent.

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