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Jamie Vardy Appreciation

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18 hours ago, Stadt said:

Feel sorry for him, if we were competent he'd be pushing 30 goals

You can't help but admire him for getting so many goals from some of the worst service around. The bloke deserves Champions League football, has been outstanding in the past three years with his shots to goals ratio and has been badly let down by managers isolating him on the pitch and playing Demarai fvcking Gray in his place.


Should be Player of the Season without question.

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It looks like we're going to f**k up this top 4 spot but please at least deliver a golden boot for Vardy. He deserves that much - I reckon he still kicks himself about that missed pen v Everton in 2016 which would have given him one. 



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10 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

Dreamt Vardy scored twice tonight in a 3-2 win, followed by another 2 away at Spurs and a hattrick vs Man Utd to single handidly get us Top 4 when everyone else around the club has turned to horse shit.


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19 hours ago, StanSP said:

Love this. 


Just proves his right to be called Mr Leicester.....

I knew and admired K.Weller,nearest Person I could call an idol. He encouraged & advised a young fighting injuries sportsman.

He loved being at Leicester like Jamie .His actual game Skill 2nd to none...


Jamie vastly underrated, his name synomonus with now World renowned Leicester city.....33 Yrs old still has quick as any young buck of a whippy-snapper!!!

Even as a Target man,can create & See a pass for others,better than most..


Could he still give us 3-5 years.Could he be a Sheringham....Don t bet against it..!!


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3 minutes ago, jonthefox said:

I've just  seen that Vardy's next goal will be the 200th in his career. :appl:

Let hope we done have to wait as long as we did for he's 100 PL goal.....


Be nice if he got 201, 202, 203 against Spurs!

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3 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Didn't even get a vote lol




Aguero, Ings, Grealish and Maddison do though. 

No respect for the leagues current top scorer. 

He's just so good he's made it the norm from all voters. They expect 25 from him a season 😂

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I cant believe Jordan Henderson is anyones footballer of the year.

His nhs initiative was a pr stunt. The money gifted would be wasted by the nhs in 20secs.

Worse... it avoided the key issues....

...why are shareholders of profitable clubs taking furlough money? Why should players take a cut if owners and clubs dont contribute too?. Why dont rich pl clubs do more to help the lowe league clubs and their creditors?

(Ps. Allowing clubss to buy players for delayed payments just escalates prices and in a car crash scenario takes money away from other creditors)

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