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Jamie Vardy Appreciation

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38 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

Doesn’t even apply to younger supporters. Was literally an audible gasp in the pub when he went down after that collision with Johnston. 

Can only imagine it was like the scene in some cafe on a Sunday afternoon in sunny Naples circa 1989 when Maradona would go down injured 

I know fans of all ages appreciate him, but kids now can talk about somebody every fan in this country has heard of and knows about rather than, with respect, the likes of Matty Fryatt and David Connolly.

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1 hour ago, tetly said:

We just about to say he is 100% my favourite all time lcfc player now. Sorry mr Walsh your time is up.


1 hour ago, foxfanazer said:

Yeah used to be Walsh and Izzet for me but Vardy has surpassed them both with what he's done here

Muzzy was the most skilful footballer I'd seen for us until Mahrez mesmerised his way ahead of him.

Walshie was always the all-time favourite for me (warrior, put his body on the line, longevity etc) but Vardy's journey with us puts him right up there. Not sure I can separate them.


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5 hours ago, foxile5 said:

This is almost identical to me. Grew up with Walsh and Izzet. Grew into Mahrez and Vardy. 


The big separater is the attitudes for me. Riyadh showed us disdain and Muzzy was on the transfer list by request for the best part of three years


Walsh, on the other hand, was roaring on the pitch after Taylor sold him and Vardy turned down Arsenal to spend the rest of career with us. Their both exceptional footballers for us but they're also closer to fans - these are the top two because they obviously care. 


Well said that man - my sentiments exactly. Walshy for me will live long as he was like your mate, he felt tangible, one of us going out there doing his thing - at the back or up top. Vardy is simply divine - loves rattling the opposition and setting new records. Top drawer make no mistake.

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Vardy is easily our greatest ever. No debate really, whichever way you slice it. Got us promoted, kept us up, scored a record 11 in a row and fired us to the most unlikely title win. Has averaged 20 goals a season over 5+ years in the Prem. Has scored a ton against the top 6. Loads of worldies, right foot, left foot, headers, great lobs and technique. I can’t think of another PL player who has defined the way his team plays the whole time he’s been there like this.


In the 100 club and only 7 goals away from top 20 highscorers ever, getting there faster than a lot of big names and all doing it whilst at a mid table side.

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Just now, Ian Nacho said:

In terms of quality Mahrez was a better player than the likes of King, but King was a better Leicester player, just as an example. 

Ah OK I get ya. Who would you put as better in terms of quality than Vardy? I put him above Mahrez personally although I'm aware some won't agree


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