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16 minutes ago, Beechey said:

Anyone else noticed he's more like a slippery eel now? He used to get caught out on the ball, now he's able to play and wriggle his way out of those situations.

Yep, i have absolutely no doubt when he looks like he's lost the ball, that actually he was simply lampooning us. 

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On 06/02/2021 at 11:31, Grebfromgrebland said:

His agent will be desperate to sell him to a bigger club.

Following the press conference I think he's pretty much saying he's happy here and will be staying long term and can achieve his goals here.


If he signs a new long term deal then that is a massive coup for the club and send a signal to other prospective players that this is the place to come. I'm well chuffed.

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3 hours ago, fazzyfox said:

Rodgers (in a Blackadder-esque voice) - "Youri, come in sit down......I've been thinking, you deserve a rest"

Tielemans - "Oh, thank you sir"

Rodgers (waits ten seconds) - ".......did you enjoy it"

Excellent comment 

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4 hours ago, Pliskin said:

Cream my pants every time this lad passes a ball. Just oozes quality. And yet, does he get raves about enough by the national media? No. 


Yet when the likes of Maddison or Barnes get media attention you wet yourself because they're trying to sell our best players? 

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6 minutes ago, Stephen Hughes said:

How is he still running, has hardly missed a minute for club or country is a seriously congested season. 

The irony is, his fitness and physique was heavily under scrutiny after last season.

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To avoid him getting an injury, after the Brighton game we could do with him picking up one of those special "injuries" Paul Scholes & Ryan Giggs used to get at United. The kind that don't stop him playing a single minute of club football, but absolutely rule them out 100% of any international games.

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This guy looks like he's got cement in his boots atm. He looks knackered and out of breath all the time. Feel sorry him that he's having to play 50+ games this season. 

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